Completely CV Joint Axle Drive Shaft For Lifan 520 1.3MT Soft Shaft OEM# LBW2203100 & LBW2203200

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GEELY, Great Wall, chery
BL, sl, Pu, MR Sedan, SL Stufenheck, MR, Merrie, MK Stufenheck, Wingle 3, SAILOR, Deer, Tengyi C10, Sing, Tengyi C20r, Steed, Steed 5, SOCOOL, SAFE, Wingle, TransCar, Cristal, Qiyun, Transcab
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Jiangsu, China
Brand Name:
Tough Dog
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For Lifan 520 1.3MT (soft shaft)

OEM#:LBW2203100 andLBW2203200

Compressed Length for Left: 552.3MM

Compressed Length for Right: 903.5MM

OEM qualityGurantee: 1 years after sales or 30000kmscv axle (drive shaft): The axle was produced by the same production line as OEM. Quality is completely same as OEM, just the packing and laser printing is different. Same materail, same production procedures, same cv boot, same cv grease.Quality can be assured. We have sold many pcs to domestic, there is no claim. This is what we can be assured.

We have cv axle for full Lifan series, Lifan520,Lifan 320, Lifan620, Lifan720, Lifan X50, Lifan X60, all the drive shaft are same as OEM quality.

And also, we have shock absorber for Lifan full series.

We specialized in cv axle and shock absorber forLifan cars.

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